Client Call Ltd is a UK based carrier wholesale, and retail international calling cards company. We specialise in low cost high quality voice over IP calls. We specialise in both Caribbean and Africa destinations.

We have direct wholesale carrier routes to Jamaica Trinidad and Nigeria. We have a range of calling card products, Nijam international calling card, Net with PC and web interface dialler software, including IPHONE 4 VOIP software from ITUNES and the Apple app store. Asia Call for international calls to Pakistan and India, Access world calling for USA and Europe calling. Client call is powered by an IPSMARX Soft Switch platform.

Our SoftCall dialer allows low cost international Voice over IP calls to made from any PC in the world. We have a pure SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) network which allows for more advanced features to be available. We can supply you an international DID inbound number for our customers any where in the world, voicemail, SMS call back. We have a fully featured web interface application for the Softcall PC dialer